Cost-effective measurement solutions for wood and other industries

Our innovative measurement techniques are based on air-coupled ultrasound and electrical impedance spectroscopy. We have more than 25-year experience of the technologies.

Sound-In Technology

What can be measured?

a) Cracks and weak points

  • Knots, also internal
  • Slope of grain
  • Non-visible cracks, which have influence on strength (l > 10 mm)
  • Classification, e.g. in 5 different groups

b) Decay, also internal

  • Classification, e.g. in 5 different groups

Detectable defects

About the technology

Based on air-coupled ultrasound

  • Knots and cracks CAN be distinguished
  • Closed cracks can also be detected
  • Detection of pitch pockets is possible

State of the art

  • Developed recently
  • Results from industrial tests:

Crack classification accuracy > 95 % (classified crack length > 10 mm)

Repeatability almost 100 %